Constituency, 1791-1792

Louis XVI was forced to adopt the Constitution of 1791 by the National Assembly in September of that year, in the aftermath of his Flight to Varennes to the Austrian Netherlands. The Constitution of 1791, which established the Kingdom of the French, was revolutionary in its content. It abolished the nobility of France, created all men equal before the law, and took the ability to ratify legislation away from the King, and gave it to France�s new legislature the Legislative Assembly. Louis XVI had the ability to veto legislation that he did not approve of, as the legislation still needed Royal Assent to come into force.

KM France, Constituency, 1791-1792 Grading Price Pic.
603.1 2 Sols 1792 A Fine 6,00
2 Sols 1792, year 4, W with dot - Arras vf- 35,00
2 Sols 1792, year 4, I with dot - Clermont-Ferrand Fine 20,00
603.15 2 Sols 1793 T Fine 16,00
612 2 Sols 1792 BB Fine 20,00
KM France, Constituency, 1791-1792, Token Issues Grading Price Pic.
Tn25 2 Sols 1792. Legend obv.: LIBERTE SOUS LA LOI / L'AN IV DE LA / LIBERT�.
Fine+ 20,00
Tn31 5 Sols 1792. Rev.: L'AN IV DE LA / LIBERT� Fine+ 15,00