The Jalairids were a Mongol Jalayir dynasty which ruled over Iraq and western Persia after the breakup of the Mongol khanate of Persia in the 1330s.[3] The Jalairid sultanate lasted about fifty years, until disrupted by Timur's conquests and the revolts of the Kara Koyunlu ("Black Sheep") Turkmen.[4] After Timur's death in 1405, there was a brief attempt to re-establish the sultanate in southern Iraq and Khuzistan. The Jalairids were finally eliminated by the Kara Koyunlu in 1432.

Jalayrid, Shaykh Uways I, 757-776 (1356-1374) Grading Price Pic.
2 Dinars, date missing (c. 772), Ramadhan, Huwayza. 3.58 g. A-2302K. Very Rare vf 50,00
Jalayrid, Sultan Husayn I, 776-784 (1374-1382) Grading Price Pic.
Dinar ND (776-777), Hamadan. Album 2306.1. 1,79 g. R vf 45,00
Jalayrid, Sultan Ahmad, 1st reign, 784-795 (1382-1393) Grading Price Pic.
2 Dinars, date missung (784-796), Shabiran. 2,07 g. A-2311. Reverse struck from damaged die vf 45,00