U.S.A. Coin Sets

KM Mint Sets Grading Price Pic.
1967 Special Mint Set with 5 coins BU 12,00
1969 P+D coin set of 10 coins. In enveloppe of U.S. Mint BU 10,00
1976 coin set of 3 coins. Bicentennial Unc. 12,00
KM Proof Sets Grading Price Pic.
1976 United States Bicentennial silver Proof Set, containing 3 coins Proof 18,00
1968 S, proof set with 6 coins Proof 10,00
2000 S, Silver Proof set and 50 States silver proof set. Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virgina Proof 40,00
2001 S, Proof set and 50 States Quarters proof set. New York, North Carlolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Kentucky Proof 40,00