Henry III, 1216-1276

The king: Henry was born in 1207 at Winchester Castle. He succeeded his father John in 1216, at the age of nine. He married Eleanor (of Provence) who became queen consort and ultimately died a nun. They had nine children and their first, Edward, succeeded him as king on Henry's death in 1272. He lost his holdings in Normandy (he inherited the title of Duke of Normandy from his father) as a result of the Treaty of Paris.

Seaby Henry III, 1216-1272 Grading Price Pic.
1365/75 Long Cross Penny, with sceptre. Rev: London vf 75,00
1365/75 Long Cross Penny, with sceptre, Canterburry
Legend obv: hENRICVS REX. III
Legend rev: CA - NT - IOh - ON
vf+ 80,00
vf Long Cross Penny, without sceptre. Norwich Legend rev.: IOH - ON - NOR - WIC vf 100,00