The Sarbadars (from Persian: سربدار‎ sarbadār, "head on gallows"; also known as Sarbedaran سربداران) were a mixture of religious dervishes and secular rulers that came to rule over part of western Khurasan in the midst of the disintegration of the Mongol Ilkhanate in the mid-14th century (established in 1337). Centered in their capital of Sabzavar, they continued their reign until Khwaja 'Ali-yi Mu'ayyad submitted to Timur in 1381, and were one of the few groups that managed to mostly avoid Timur's famous brutality.

Sarbadar, ‘Ali Mu'ayyad, 763-786 (1362-1384). Grading Price Pic.
4 Dirhams 769, Damghan. 2,77 g. A-2342.1 vf 25,00